Patient Safety During Covid 19

COVID-19: What do I need to do if I have an In Person Office Appointment?

To all our of patients,

In accordance with the New Mexico Department of Health and following best practice recommendation from the CDC, we are now seeing a limited number of all types of appointments. Please help us slow the spread by following the following guidelines for our practice.

1. Our waiting area is closed. Please check-in via phone message to our main phone number when you arrive: 505-983-5631 X 131. Please include the name of the patient in the message. (Due to the high volume of calls we are receiving, a phone call could get missed and delay your check in.)

2. When your treatment room is ready one of our team will call you and notify you. Please meet us at the front door after you have been notified that we are ready.

3. To keep numbers of people in the building to a minimum, we ask that only the patient can enter the building.

4. Upon arrival you will be required to answer a short health questionnaire related to COVID-19 and have your temperature taken. Anyone with elevated temperature will be asked to reschedule unless there is evidence that the increased temperature is related to a gastroenterology problem.

5. All people entering the building are must wear a mask. We will provide you with mask if you do not have one from our medical stock.

6. Confirmation that you will attend (or not attend) your appointment is more important than ever due to the limited number of patients we can see.

7. In order to keep the number of people coming to the office to a minimum, some of our patients may be asked to see our doctors and team at other nearby locations. We will notify you if the location of your appointment is changed.

8. Many other distancing and safety precautions are being taken in addition to our normal infection control protocols. Our team will walk you through these changes once you are here.

COVID-19: What do I need to do if I have a Telehealth Appointment?

To all our of patients,

NNMGA is now seeing patients via Teleheath. This is our effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Please follow these guidelines:

As with other video streaming applications, your experience will be more enjoyable if you have a robust internet connection. If you are running other high usage applications on your internet connection, the video and audio quality can impact gTelehealth. The best experience is had when the download speed well exceed 8mbps.

Browser: Google Chrome

Devices: PC, Mac, Iphones, Android phones, Tablets

Please make sure that your device/browser is up to date.

Settings: You may need to allow your browser or device to use your microphone or camera. Please your device beforehand.

Advice to the patient:

Patients will receive an email or text with a link to Telehealth about 5-10 minutes before the visit.

The system will verify that the workstation has Google Chrome installed, if Chrome is not installed, the system will provide a prompt, directing patient to install the re-launch the visit.

They will click on launch visit, enter their Last Name and DOB (all characters need to be included 01/01/2020).

They will scroll down, agree to the visit and the televisit will start.

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